Active Spotlight: Tyler Hembrock

Tyler’s journey to S&T and our chapter started back during his sophomore year of high school. Often he would have nothing to do so one day he began going to the library. While there he studied HTML and soon had created a few webpages. This experience sparked an interest in computer science and Tyler decided Read more about Active Spotlight: Tyler Hembrock[…]

Active Spotlight: Joe Collum

Joseph Collum (398 BΠ) is a senior in civil engineering. Joe is currently in the civil engineering honor society XΣ. He is also helping research watergy which is the study of the relation between water and energy. In his time spent at the house he has served as President, Secretary, and Guide as elected positions, Read more about Active Spotlight: Joe Collum[…]

Active Spotlight: Ryland Forsythe

Ryland Forsythe, 387 BΞ, has been an active in the chapter more years than he cares to admit. He is graduating this semester with a degree in Ceramic Engineering. During his time at Epsilon Nu, Ryland has served as Social Chairman and Guide. In addition, Ryland has been active on the Missouri S&T Campus. For Read more about Active Spotlight: Ryland Forsythe[…]

Active Spotlight: Damon Wendt

Damon Wendt (419 ΒΣ) is a senior in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Damon is currently very active on campus, particularly with the Missouri S&T Satellite Research Team (M-SAT). M-SAT works to design and build real satellites to be put into space. He serves as website administrator and repository administrator for the team. Of the two Read more about Active Spotlight: Damon Wendt[…]