Brother Sheets Becomes Trustee

Jeffrey W. Sheets (π, 122) was recently appointed to the Missouri S&T Board of Trustees. Brother Sheets served as Treasurer in 1978 and President in 1979 of Epsilon Nu. In 1980, he earned his bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering after which he began his career with ConocoPhillips in the North American division of Exploration Read more about Brother Sheets Becomes Trustee[…]

Active Spotlight: Tyler Hembrock

Tyler’s journey to S&T and our chapter started back during his sophomore year of high school. Often he would have nothing to do so one day he began going to the library. While there he studied HTML and soon had created a few webpages. This experience sparked an interest in computer science and Tyler decided Read more about Active Spotlight: Tyler Hembrock[…]

Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Vogel

Matthew “Matt” Vogel (BN 378) came to Missouri S&T in the fall of 2009 as a double major in Architectural and Civil Engineering student. When he came to S&T, he had no intentions of joining a fraternity. Going into his sophomore year he was set to have a roommate that he did not care for. Read more about Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Vogel[…]

Division Conference 2017

The men of Epsilon Nu sent twelve members to the Western Plains Division Conference.  The conference took place from February ninth to the twelfth  The men attended sessions to improve leadership skills, goal setting for their chapter, and understanding of the ritual. They learned valuable information on how to prepare for the FAAR. The men Read more about Division Conference 2017[…]