Hazing is an activity in which members gain acceptance into a group by enduring humiliating (and sometimes painful) tasks. Within the fraternity world, its supporters point out that the common experiences gained through hazing lead to brotherhood and togetherness. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, resentment grows towards older members and new members feel isolated from the fraternity. To emphasize this point, all house cleaning and philanthropy work is shared by actives and new members equally. At Delta Tau Delta, we find hazing to be sickening. It is the antithesis of brotherhood, a mockery of both our ideals and values, and a complete misrepresentation of what fraternity life is all about. We believe that better men are formed through hard work and dedication. By treating all members equally and working alongside them, Delta Tau Delta helps to build hard working men, lifelong friendships, and lasting memories. If you believe that harming an individual can help form a better man, then you are not deserving of being a Delt. Delta Tau Delta does not and will not tolerate hazing.