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-====== Article 9 (Meetings) ====== +====== Article 9 (Development Board) ====== 
- +===== 9.1 ===== 
-===== 9.1 (Agenda Order) ​===== +The Member Development Committees are as follows: New Member Education, Academics, Recruitment,​ Ritual Education, ​and Road. 
-All formal meetings of the chapter shall be conducted in the following order: +===== 9.2 ===== 
-  * a) Opening ceremonies +The chairman ​of the Ritual Education Committee ​shall be the officer elected ​as guide. The Development Board shall be chaired by the Director of Member Development
-  * b) Roll Call +===== 9.3 ===== 
-  * c) Approval of minutes of the previous meeting +The chairmen of the Member Development Committees ​shall be chosen by the Director of Member Development ​and approved ​by the President after officers are elected and before the first chapter ​after January 1st
-  * d) Reports of officers +===== 9.4 ===== 
-  * e) Reports of regular committees +The chairmen of the committees shall choose their committee members before the second development board meeting ​of the spring semester. Active members may also request ​to become a member of a committee by submitting a written request ​to the committee chairman and the Director of Member Development
-  * f) Reports of special committees +===== 9.5 ===== 
-  * g) Reports of campus organizations +Active members ​may only serve on one committee unless given express consent ​by the Development. 
-  * h) Old Business +===== 9.6 ===== 
-  * i) New Business +The President shall have the power to remove ​committee chairman or member, ​at any time, for just cause. 
-  * j) Good Delt/​Scholar of the Week/​Bozo/​Quote +===== 9.7 ===== 
-  * k) Announcements +The Recruitment Committee shall consist ​of not less than three members. It shall be the duties of the Recruitment Committee to: 
-  * I) Discussion of progress of pledge class and pledges +==== 9.7.1 ==== 
-  * m) Brotherhood +Formulate ​the program for chapter ​recruitment and submit it to the Development Board for approval. 
-  * n) Reading of Fines +==== 9.7.2 ==== 
-  * o) Closing ceremonies +Submit monthly written reports to the Development Board
- +===== 9.===== 
-===== 9.2 (Omitting of Ceremonies) ​===== +The Academic Committee ​shall be chaired by the elected director ​of academic affairs ​and consist ​of not less than three members. It shall be the duties ​of the Academic Committee to: 
-The order of business for all informal meetings ​shall be the same as in 9.1, except that the opening and closing ceremonies shall be omitted. The meetings ​shall be called to order and adjourned in regular parliamentary procedure+==== 9.8.1 ==== 
-===== 9.3 (Regular Meetings) ​===== +Formulate a program which will foster good scholarship within ​the chapter ​and submit it to the Development Board for approval. 
-Regular meetings ​shall be held at intervals not greater than two weeks, except during recesses from classes, at a time and place to be determined ​by the chapter. Formal meetings shall be held at least monthly, again except during recesses from classes, and such formal meetings shall be conducted in due ritualistic form with regalia and paraphernalia+==== 9.8.2 ==== 
-===== 9.4 (Pledges & Formal Meetings) ​===== +Maintain ​and update ​the library ​of academic files. 
-Any pledge or pledges found on chapter premises during ​the time allotted for a formal ​meeting ​or found in or attempting ​to gain entrance ​to any place where Fraternity paraphernalia is stored shall be brought up for depledgement at the next chapter+==== 9.8.3 ==== 
-===== 9.5 (Special Meetings) ​===== +Submit monthly written reports to the Development Board
-Special meetings ​may be called ​by the president or by petition signed by at least two-thirds ​of the total active membership or the chapterWhen such special meeting is called by a petition of the active ​chapter, 24 hour notice must be given to all members of the chapter+===== 9.===== 
-===== 9.6 (Quorum) ​===== +The Pledge Education Committee shall consist of not less than two members. It shall be the duty of the Pledge Education Committee to: 
-Two-thirds of the total active membership of the chapter ​shall constitute a quorum for the transaction ​of business, ​and the act of a majority present at any meeting which there is a quorum ​shall be the act of the chapter, except as otherwise provided by the Constitution ​and Bylaws of the Fraternity, bylaws ​of the chapter, or by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised+==== 9.9.1 ==== 
-===== 9.7 (Officer Elections) ​===== +Formulate ​program by which the chapter may instruct the pledges in the history, traditions, values, workings, and organization of the Fraternity, chapter, and institution and submit it to the Development Board for approval
-The officers ​shall be elected by a majority vote of the chapter at a meeting attended by at least a quorum. +==== 9.9.2 ==== 
-===== 9.8 (Pledge Voting) ===== +Submit weekly reports ​to chapter ​and bimonthly (twice a month) reports to the Development Board
-Pledges may be voted upon at any regular meeting or at special meeting called upon for that purpose+===== 9.10 ===== 
-===== 9.9 (Abstaining) ===== +The Road Committee ​shall consist of not less than three membersIt shall be the duty of the Road Committee ​to
-Any member of the active chapter entitled ​to vote in chapter ​meetings who is present but does not vote upon call shall be recorded as abstaining+==== 9.10.1 ==== 
-===== 9.10 (Attendance) ​===== +Formulate ​program to emphasize the importance and need for Road events to grow and develop the Fraternity and its members. 
-Attendance at all meetings ​shall be compulsoryAny member who shall be absent without an excuse shall be subject ​to a $10 fine; any member who shall be tardy without an excuse shall be subject to $5 fine +==== 9.10.==== 
-==== 9.10.1 (Presidential Excusal) ​==== +Submit monthly reports to the Development Board. 
-To be excused by the president, a reason for the absence must be given more than twenty four hours before ​the meeting+===== 9.11 ===== 
-==== 9.10.2 (Executive Excusal) ​==== +Special committees may be appointed at the discretion of the President and the extent of their authority shall be designated specifically in the appointment
-If circumstances do not allow for twenty four hour advancement, ​the entire Executive Committee must vote unanimously ​to excuse ​the member. +===== 9.12 ===== 
-===== 9.11 (Robert'​s Rules or Order) ​===== +All committees shall hold regular meetings and shall keep a record of their proceedings. 
-Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern all proceedings of the chapter meetings when applicable. Matters of parliamentary procedure in dispute shall be referred to the internal vice president, who shall act as parliamentarian of the chapter. +===== 9.13 ===== 
-===== 9.12 (Ritualistic Items) ===== +Any committee chairman shall have the power to secure ​the operation of any member ​or members of the chapter, to execute the program of his respective committee, and all members are obligated to help
-Active members must say their ritualistic items to the Guide or President twenty-four hours before the first formal chapter of the semester, or lose voting privileges for that semester. ​ If the member does not say their ritualistic items two consecutive semesters, they permanently lose voting privileges.  +===== 9.14 ===== 
 +Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern all proceedings of the chapter meetings when applicable. Matters of parliamentary procedure in dispute shall be referred to the Director of Member Development, who shall act as parliamentarian of the chapter.