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Article 3 (Membership)

3.1 (S&T Requirements)

Candidates who have complied with the requirements of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, who have assumed the obligations of pledgeship, shall be pledge members of this chapter.

3.2 (Depledgement)

Pledge members may be removed for any reason by a vote of the majority of the active members present at any chapter meeting. The active chapter shall be notified of the depledgement vote at the meeting prior to the vote.

3.3 (Eligibility)

In order to be eligible for initiation, a candidate must:

3.3.1 (Program Completion)

Have completed satisfactorily the program established by the pledge education committee.

3.3.2 (Classes)

Be enrolled in at least twelve (12) credit hours (not including hours taken as hearer credit) during their semester of initiation.

3.3.3 (Financial Responsibility)

Be current on all house charges at the time of initiation.

3.4 (Active Members)

Members duly initiated or affiliated in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Fraternity and the bylaws of this chapter shall be considered active members of the chapter, so long as they are undergraduates at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

3.5 (Alumni Members)

Members duly initiated by the chapter who have graduated or withdrawn from the Missouri University of Science and Technology shall be alumni members of Epsilon Nu Chapter.

3.6 (Alumni Privileges)

Alumni members shall be entitled to all rights, privileges, and immunities of membership, except those of voting in the active chapter meetings and holding elective office in the chapter.

3.7 (Pledging Limits)

No man shall be repledged more than twice unless approved by the Chapter Advisor and a three-fourths vote of the Chapter.

3.8 (Continued Membership)

In order to retain active membership in the fraternity, members must strive to adhere to the guidelines as laid out in the Code of Conduct and membership expectations. Members must sign a copy of the Code of Conduct at the beginning of each semester as a pledge that they will adhere to these guidelines.