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Article 16 (Amendments)


These bylaws may be repealed, altered or amended at a regular meeting of the chapter, provided that such repeal, alteration, or amendment shall be submitted to the Administrative Committee for the consideration one week prior to the time that such repeal, alteration, or amendment is to be proposed to a meeting of the chapter assembled.


If the repeal, alteration, or amendment is approved by the administrative committee, it shall be referred to the Sergeant at Arms, which shall check it carefully for clarity and wording to ensure that it does not conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Fraternity or unchanged portions of the bylaws of the chapter.


After approval by the administrative committee, the repeal, alteration, or amendment in question shall be proposed to the chapter. The motion shall be discussed and tabled until the next chapter meeting, where it will be voted on. A majority vote is needed to carry the changes.


Amendments not receiving the approval of the administrative committee shall be proposed in the manner described in Sections 2, and 3 of this article, but shall require a three-fourths vote for Adoption.