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-====== Article 13 (Discipline) ====== +====== Article 13 (Charges) ====== 
- +===== 13.1 ===== 
-===== 13.1 (Judicial Board Powers) ​===== +Room, board dues, fees, and other charges shall be determined ​by the finance committee before the beginning of each semester ​and shall be payable monthly during ​the school year in accordance with the provisions ​of the Constitution and Bylaws ​of the Fraternity ​and the Bylaws ​of the chapter. 
-Unless otherwise provided ​by the Constitution ​and Bylaws of the Fraternity or the bylaws ​of the chapter, the Judicial Board shall have the power to prescribe methods for punishing a breach ​of rules and regulations ​of the chapter. +===== 13.2 ===== 
-===== 13.2 (Appeal) ​===== +As a part of the charges ​in Section 1, there shall be included a monthly house note, jointly determined by the finance committee and the house corporation officers, payable by each member for aid in maintenance ​of the chapter ​house property
-Any member who has been fined in accordance with Section 1 of this article may register an appeal with the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms shall present said appeal to the chapter at the first regular meeting following the registration ​of the appeal, and the active ​chapter ​shall have the power to revoke the fine appealed by a 3/4 vote+===== 13.3 ===== 
-===== 13.3 (Fine Levy) ===== +Local alumni ​and others continuously using the house and grounds ​of the chapter shall be assessed such house fees as may be determined by the Finance Committee
-The president ​and the sergeant-at-arms shall have the power to levy a fine against a member for each offense against the order of the meeting or the chapter, or for improper attire at the formal meeting of the chapter. ​ Said fines and their amounts ​shall be paid to the treasurer within 24 hours of the meeting or fine will be added to member’s next house bill+===== 13.4 ===== 
-===== 13.4 (Temporary Rules) ​===== +Failure to complete final duties ​in a semester ​will result in $50 fine assessed on the next house bill
-The chapter may, upon a two-thirds majority vote of the chapter, enact any rules of a current temporary nature. Said rules shall be in effect until the second regular meeting of new academic ​semester ​at which time they become null and void. A simple majority of those voting shall be necessary to enact or repeal such rule, if prior approval is obtained from the Administrative Committee. These rules will be considered to be house rules subject to a punishment for their infraction. The judicial board shall give such punishments for their infraction in the usual manner+===== 13.5 ===== 
-===== 13.5 (Big Brothers) ​===== +For those members enrolled as full-time students at MST during ​the fall semester or when national annual dues are charged, but are not attending classes at/through the Rolla campus (e.g. InternshipCo-op, Study abroad, etc.), the national annual dues shall be assessed on the member’s first house bill of the following spring semester.
-Big Brothers shall be held accountable for the actions of their Little Brothers during their pledgeship ​Should a pledge be assigned punishment for negligenceit shall be the duty of the Big Brother to assist him in its execution.+