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Article 12 (House Rules)


General Rules


All active members shall reside and board in the chapter house for a minimum of eight semesters, excluding summer semesters. Should the chapter membership exceed 42 men, active members may petition the executive committee for authorization to move out of the house. All requests shall be considered with priority given by badge number. Exceptions may be granted by the executive committee in cases of hardship.


All members of the chapter who are permitted to reside outside the shelter shall observe all house rules while at the shelter and house events.


Alumni members of the Fraternity or chapter who are visiting the chapter shall observe all house rules while at the shelter and house events.


There shall be no littering of the grounds.


There shall now be no smoking including the use of vaping devices inside the chapter house


Smoking on chapter property is permitted, provided that smoking refuse is disposed of properly and that no member or guest is inconvenienced. This rule can be suspended by the president or a two-thirds vote of the chapter.


There shall be no discharge or threat of discharge of a firearm or of fireworks on chapter property.


All initiated members shall wear their active badges on campus on the day of a ritual or ceremony and on the day of a formal chapter meeting. If the ritual, ceremony, or formal chapter falls on a weekend, the active badge shall be worn on the school day preceding the event.


There shall be no pets in the shelter unless approved as a house mascot by a two-thirds vote of the chapter. Other pets of a temporary nature, less than seven days, may be allowed within the chapter if approved by a two-thirds vote of the Administrative Committee.


Graduating seniors shall be excused from meal duties during the semester of anticipated graduation. If the senior does not graduate he will be responsible for meal duties the next semester. The senior will always be responsible for house cleanups, Worklabs, and weekly house duties.


Every member is required to attend an approved risk management seminar once per academic year.


Members shall be responsible for the weekly meal duties assigned them by the Food Committee Chair for the duration of the semester for which the duty/duties are assigned.


Members shall be responsible for the weekly house duties assigned them by the House & Grounds Committee Chair for the duration of the semester for which the duty/duties are assigned.


Members must complete weekly house duties, as set by the House & Grounds Committee. The house duties will be posted by 4pm and must be completed by each member before midnight of the same day. Duties must be checked off by a member of the House & Grounds Committee.


A person may not use flammable liquids to start or propagate a fire on chapter property unless that person is given permission by the House and Grounds committee head and the Vice- President External. In the event that the same person holds both offices stated above, the President must also give permission.


A minimum of 15 hours of philanthropic involvement and 10 hours of community service shall be required of each member for the Fall Semester. A minimum of 15 hours of community service shall be required of each member for the Spring semester, 3 of which must be independent of the Fraternity. Any change in the required number of hours shall be decided by a majority vote at the first chapter of the semester.

Failure to meet the required service hours one week before the last house bill of the semester shall result in an initial fine of $25, with an additional $7.50 fine for each hour short of the required amount.


There shall be no use of personal space heaters on chapter property.


If a member assists another person in obtaining immediate and appropriate medical care related to the use or consumption of alcohol, drugs, or to another medical emergency, then that member, as well as those who are assisted, will not be subject to individual disciplinary action with respect to the incident. This is the case even if the member who is assisting was a contributing factor to that emergency. An individual may benefit from this policy more than once, though repeated use of the policy may receive stricter scrutiny.


Quiet Hours


The shelter shall be reasonably quiet all hours of the day. The dorms shall be quiet at all times.


The shelter shall be quiet from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am, Sunday through Thursday.


“Bull sessions” shall not be permitted during quiet hours in the upstairs part of the shelter.


During quiet hours, media players shall be kept on low volume so that they will not disturb members studying in the shelter.


On special occasions, the director of academic affairs, the president, or the chapter may waive quiet hours.


The director of academic affairs and the president shall have the power to set up continuous quiet hours for a period not to exceed one week before the start of finals week until the time of the last final, and shall specify times when quiet hours are not in effect.


Kitchen and Dining Room


All kitchen items (plates, forks, bowls, cups, etc.) must be returned to the kitchen after use within twenty-four hours. Items shall be rinsed and scrubbed clean upon return.


Any person who wishes a prepared meal to be saved must inform the lunch/dinner duty before lunch/dinner commences, otherwise food cannot be guaranteed.


No food, other than leftovers and markup, shall be used by any person or persons for any reason without the permission of the Food Chairman.


All persons staying in the shelter over a vacation must get permission from the chapter to use either or both the chapter house and kitchen.


For formal dinners, all members shall be notified at least three hours in advance by the president. Coats and ties shall be worn at all formal dinners. Members shall maintain proper decorum in the dining room and shall observe all established table manners and customs.


The head of the table is determined by the highest-ranking chapter officer present at the start of dinner. If no officer is present, the highest active badge number becomes the head of the table.


Members shall remain in the dining room after dinner until excused by the head of table.


Chapter Property


Chapter property includes all items that are not explicitly owned by Kappa Phi Building Corporation or any member of the chapter.


The use of Kappa Phi Building Corporation property off of chapter premises must be approved by Kappa Phi Building Corporation. This includes, but is not limited to, mattresses, bed frames, desks, and chests-of-drawers.


All use of chapter property off of chapter premises must be approved by the house and grounds committee prior to the action.


Members who negligently destroy or damage chapter property shall be required to replace said property in the event of destruction or to repair to the original state in the event of damage.


Members who willfully destroy or damage chapter property shall be subject to a fine in addition to replacing the property destroyed or damaged.


Members shall keep their rooms clean and orderly at all times.


All structural, mechanical, and cosmetic changes made to the chapter house or premises must be approved by the House and Grounds Committee or Kappa Phi Building Corporation prior to starting the work.


All tools and equipment will be cleaned and returned to their proper location within 24 hours of use.


Social Rules


Proper chaperonage for all guests of members shall be provided in compliance with Missouri University of Science and Technology regulations.


Use or possession of alcoholic beverages in or on the chapter premises, shall be in compliance with the policies of the Member Responsibilities of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and shall be the responsibility of the judicial board to enforce these policies. The response is as follows: 1st offense: $50 fine, 2nd offense: $100 fine and 100 hours of community service, 3rd offense: Suspension until graduation.


Members shall maintain proper decorum at all times with respect to the introduction of guests or strangers within the chapter house. This includes, but is not limited to, swearing and nudity.


There shall be no use or possession of illicit drugs in or on chapter property (including while in personal vehicles). Any offenders shall be brought up for suspension in chapter. A summons should be brought up to the Judicial Board within one week of the incident.


Unless otherwise stated, the Judicial Board shall have the power to impose fines/penalties prescribed for infractions and violations of the rules set forth in sections one through five of this article.


House Events


A house event is defined as a mandatory chapter event that requires attendance by all members of the chapter (e.g. Move-in, Retreat, Worklabs, Greek Week Games, Initiation, Homecoming, Haunted Maze, Christmas Party, PRO Days, and St. Pats)


To set a house event, a motion must be made during a chapter meeting more than twenty-four hours in advance of the event. The motion must include a description of the event, start time, end time, location of the event, and a punishment for an unexcused absence and tardy. A majority vote is required for the motion to be carried.


To be excused from a house event you must receive approval from the President. In order to be approved for excusal, you must have submitted your request twenty four hours prior to the start time of the event.


If an emergency develops within twenty-four hours of the house event, you must receive unanimous approval from the Executive Committee to be considered excused from the house event.


Any member who is unexcused from three house events over the course of a semester shall be brought up for suspension by vote.


Suspended members are not allowed to attend non-academic events on chapter property, or house events being held off chapter property. For a suspended member to be allowed to attend a non-academic/house event it must be passed by a majority vote through chapter at the chapter prior to the event. If this is not possible, unanimous approval of the Executive Committee must be made for the suspended member to be allowed at the event.