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Article 11 (Academics)


The current IFC GPA standard is: 2.75/4.00.


Members must complete weekly study hours, as set by the Academic Committee. The study hours must be checked off by a member of the Academic Committee as they are completed. Failure to meet the required weekly study hours, without being excused by the director of academic affairs, will result in double hours the following school week and a $25 fine.


Academic Probation


A person shall be placed on academic probation if their previous semester’s MST GPA falls below the standard written within bylaw 11.1, his course load for the previous semester falls below twelve graded credit hours, or he returns from absence with prior academic probation standing.


Any member placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, or who fails to meet at least a 2.00 GPA the previous semester, will be brought up for suspension by vote in the first regular chapter of the new semester.


Any member on academic probation must turn in copies of their syllabi at the beginning of each semester, to the Director of Academic Affairs.


Members on academic probation must keep a current list of all graded assignments and tests for each class.


Members on academic probation must not fail more than one test. Failure is defined as receiving a grade below a 60%, unless the course requires a “C” or better as stated in the undergraduate catalog. In this case, failing is defined as receiving a grade below a 70%. All grades shall be reviewed after a curve, if applicable.


Members on academic probation must attend regularly scheduled classes, including in-class review sessions, unless given permission from the Academic Committee or the Director of Academic Affairs.


Members on academic probation shall put forth an honest effort to improve their academic performance.


Members may appeal their academic status to the Academic Committee at any time. A change of academic status requires a two-thirds vote of the committee.


Members on academic probation found to be in violation of any term of academic probation—as stated in Article 10, Section 2—shall be subject to additional study hours at the discretion of the Academic Committee.


Academic files shall be returned in good order to their proper place.