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-====== Article 10 (Academics) ====== +====== Article 10 (Meetings) ====== 
- +===== 10.1 ===== 
-===== 10.1 (GPA Standard) ​===== +All formal meetings of the chapter shall be conducted in the following order: 
-The current IFC GPA standard is2.75/4.00. +a) Opening ceremonies 
-===== 10.2 (Study Hours) ​===== +b) Roll Call 
-Members must complete weekly study hours, as set by the Academic Committee. ​The study hours must be checked off by a member ​of the Academic Committee ​as they are completedFailure to meet the required weekly study hourswithout being excused by the director of academic affairs, will result in double hours the following school week and a $25 fine+c) Approval of minutes of the previous meeting 
-===== 10.3 (Probation) ​===== +d) Reports of officers 
-Academic Probation +e) Reports of regular committees 
-==== 10.3.1 (Probation Eligibility) ​==== +f) Reports of special committees 
-A person shall be placed ​on academic probation if their cumulative or previous semester’s MST GPA falls below the standard written within bylaw 10.1, his course load for the previous semester falls below twelve graded credit hours, or he returns from absence with prior academic probation standing+g) Reports of campus organizations 
-==== 10.3.2 (Suspension) ​==== +h) Old Business 
-Any member placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters, ​or who fails to meet at least a 2.00 GPA the previous semester, will be brought up for suspension ​by vote in the first regular ​chapter of the new semester+i) New Business 
-==== 10.3.3 (Syllabi Reporting) ​==== +j) Good Delt/Scholar of the Week/​Bozo/​Quote 
-Any member on academic probation must turn in copies ​of their syllabi ​at the beginning ​of each semesterto the Director ​of Academic Affairs+k) Announcements 
-==== 10.3.4 (Current Grades) ​==== +I) Discussion of progress of pledge class and pledges 
-Members on academic probation must keep current list of all graded assignments and tests for each class+m) Brotherhood 
-==== 10.3.5 (Test Failure) ​==== +n) Reading of Fines 
-Members on academic probation must not fail more than one test. Failure is defined as receiving ​grade below a 60%, unless ​the course requires a “C” or better as stated ​in the undergraduate catalog. In this case, failing ​is defined as receiving a grade below a 70%. All grades ​shall be reviewed after a curve, if applicable+o) Closing ceremonies 
-==== 10.3.6 (Class Attendance) ​==== +===== 10.2 ===== 
-Members on academic probation must attend regularly scheduled classes, including in-class review sessions, unless given permission from the Academic Committee or the Director of Academic Affairs+The order of business for all informal meetings shall be the same as in 9.1except that the opening ​and closing ceremonies shall be omitted. The meetings shall be called to order and adjourned in regular parliamentary procedure
-==== 10.3.7 (Honest Effort) ​==== +===== 10.3 ===== 
-Members on academic probation shall put forth an honest effort to improve their academic performance+Regular meetings shall be held at intervals not greater than two weeks, except during recesses from classes, at a time and place to be determined by the chapter. Formal meetings shall be held at least monthly, again except during recesses from classes, and such formal meetings shall be conducted in due ritualistic form with regalia and paraphernalia. 
-==== 10.3.8 (Academic Appeal) ​==== +===== 10.4 ===== 
-Members may appeal their academic status to the Academic ​Committee ​at any time. A change of academic status requires a two-thirds ​vote of the committee+Any pledge or pledges found on chapter premises during ​the time allotted ​for a formal meeting or found in or attempting to gain entrance to any place where Fraternity paraphernalia is stored shall be brought up for depledgement at the next chapter
-==== 10.3.9 (Violations) ​==== +===== 10.5 ===== 
-Members on academic probation found to be in violation ​of any term of academic probation—as stated ​in Article 10, Section 2—shall be subject ​to additional study hours at the discretion ​of the Academic Committee+Special meetings may be called by the president ​or by a petition signed by at least two-thirds of the total active membership or the chapter. When such special meeting is called ​by a petition of the active ​chapter, 24 hour notice must be given to all members ​of the chapter
-===== 10.4 (Academic Files) ​===== +===== 10.6 ===== 
-Academic files shall be returned in good order to their proper place.+Two-thirds ​of the total active membership of the chapter shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the act of a majority present ​at any meeting which there is a quorum shall be the act of the chapterexcept as otherwise provided by the Constitution and Bylaws ​of the Fraternity, bylaws of the chapter, or by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised
 +===== 10.7 ===== 
 +The officers shall be elected by majority vote of the chapter at a meeting attended by at least a quorum
 +===== 10.8 ===== 
 +Pledges may be voted upon at any regular meeting or at special meeting called upon for that purpose. 
 +===== 10.9 ===== 
 +Any member of the active chapter entitled to vote in chapter meetings who is present but does not vote upon call shall be recorded as abstaining
 +===== 10.10 ===== 
 +Attendance at all meetings shall be compulsoryAny member who shall be absent without an excuse shall be subject to a $10 fine; any member who shall be tardy without an excuse shall be subject to a $5 fine 
 +==== 10.10.==== 
 +To be excused by the president, a reason for the absence must be given more than twenty four hours before the meeting
 +==== 10.10.==== 
 +If circumstances do not allow for twenty four hour advancement, ​the entire Executive ​Committee ​must vote unanimously to excuse ​the member
 +===== 10.11 ===== 
 +Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall govern all proceedings ​of the chapter meetings when applicable. Matters of parliamentary procedure ​in dispute ​shall be referred ​to the internal vice president, who shall act as parliamentarian ​of the chapter
 +===== 10.12 ===== 
 +Active members must say their ritualistic items to the Guide or President twenty-four hours before the first formal chapter of the semester, or lose voting privileges for that semester. ​ If the member does not say their ritualistic items two consecutive semesters, they permanently lose voting privileges. In the case of New Members initiated in the current semester, they must recite their ritualistic items before the formal chapter immediately following initiation.