New Front Room Carpet and Design
The new charcoal carpet and furniture arrangement. The table with the letters was built by Brother Matthews.
Over the past few months, Epsilon Nu has undergone several renovations. The first major renovation was replacing the carpet in the public areas of the house. We went from the old blue/gray carpet to a new charcoal color. With everything needing to be out of the front room for the carpet installation, we took the time to redo the awards wall after the carpet was done. The second major renovation was redoing the tile in the Rec Room. We went from the old white tile to a new green tile that makes the room pop. In addition to these two, we added a few security cameras around the house to better secure the house. Once the semester started, we hired a handyman to come in and professionally repair a lot of drywall around the house including areas by the Five Man and in the back stairwell. He even went and repaired the picnic tables and benches on the deck as well as re-staining and sealing both the deck and the furniture. Overall, we have had a busy and productive past few months. The house looks great and many of these additions will keep it looking good for years to come.