This Homecoming weekend was a tremendous success! During homecoming, we had two major events. We held our annual paddle signing and hosted an alumni vs active football game.

 Alumni from all around joined us for the celebration of the new members with our very own paddle signing. The new members or Neophytes have to create a paddle that represents who they are. Paddle signing is when all the new members go from member to member hearing stories about true brotherhood. The new members got their paddles signed by the Active members Friday night and Alumni on Saturday. Due to covid, we had to postpone the past two alumni paddle signings which meant that this year’s was huge. The last 3 pledge classes, Gamma Beta, Gamma Gamma, and Gamma Delta, totaling 14 members went through 26 Alumni which took from 7 pm to around 11 pm.

Saturday morning was the annual Alumni versus Actives football game. The game was very close with each team having scored two touchdowns but with the alumni’s questionable ruling the Alumni won with a landslide victory.

We look forward to new members this spring to bring about another paddle signing.