Float Trip 2016Float trip is an event that is a fun and relaxing time for everyone who joins in. We get to spend the night before gathering around with friends and the loved ones we come to know. We talk about good times and get to know some of the potential new members that come to experience the fun. Then comes the next day, the day we all get in the river and float all of our worries away. The actual float trip is an exciting event that includes: soaking up some sun, talking to everyone, taking breaks in the float to eat and socialize, and making memories. That is what happened for the majority of the trip, but that is not all to the story. Towards the end of the float trip, storm clouds started to gather in the distance and move in our direction. The group got hit by a mixture of rain, wind, and hail (yes hail). The entire group moved out of the water and started making their way to the safety of the camp grounds. Once everyone was safe and accounted for, we all worked together in an efficient manner to get everyone home and everything to where it needed to be. The people at the float trip proved that Delts can come together to make the best out of whatever comes their way. As a whole, it was a great experience, but hopefully it won’t be as hectic the next time.