conference2015For conference this year, our brothers got to experience the exciting city of Dallas, Texas. Although most of conference was similar to years past, the biggest changes that nationals are trying to push are the new FAAR layout and the new Road program. Both of these changes make it easier on the chapter to meet the requirements of nationals. Unlike the new FAAR layout, the new Road program is optional and will be voted on by the chapter, and we will decide if this change is best for our personal needs or not. The changes are mostly in the topic of member education and how each of our members learns about the chapter, recruitment, and life after college. On a final note, we would like to thank all of the alumni that were able to make it down to conference: Brian Booth, Brandon Clark, Greg Eike, and Dave Hammon, for volunteering to support our growth as a chapter and as brothers. -Tyler Hembrock BP