The BY pledge class project has been going very well and it is turning out to be one of the larger projects in quite a while. Our goal was to renovate the volleyball pit and make it more fun to use and make it a larger selling point to potential new members. First, we wanted to put up proper lights and outdoor speakers on the shed so the volleyball pit can be used at night and we can have some music without bringing out a speaker from inside. Second, we wanted to put up a net that surrounded the back of the volleyball pit facing the woods and the hill leading down to the field to keep the ball from rolling down the hill or into the woods. Lastly, we wanted to redo the bleachers. The old bleachers were starting to fall apart and we wanted to build something that would last almost indefinitely and look nice while doing it. So far, we have the net put up, the lights wired up, and speakers installed. The bleachers are proving to be difficult but we expect to have the bleachers completed by the end of April.