Tyler’s journey to S&T and our chapter started back during his sophomore year of high school. Often he would have nothing to do so one day he began going to the library. While there he studied HTML and soon had created a few webpages. This experience sparked an interest in computer science and Tyler decided he would go to S&T. The summer before his freshman year, a Lindenwood Delt spoke with Tyler’s father about school and fraternity life. The conversation was enough to leave a lasting impression and Tyler decided to meet the Epsilon Nu Delts during our annual float trip. This experience and a house tour were enough to make Tyler fall in love with the house. He signed his bid from Vogel promptly and began his own legacy here at 2631 Vienna. Tyler has held many positions in the house including: Director of Academic Affairs, Alumni Relations, Social Chair, Road Chair, and ultimately President of Epsilon Nu during 2016. Some highlights from his legacy include throwing our first party in nearly 5 years and bringing back the Alumni Spotlight. Tyler has also worked for the Havener Center on campus for a number of years and he even created a committee populated by other members named Tyler within the house.  At the peak of said committee there were 4 active members. In his free time Tyler loves to bike, enough so that he rode from St. Louis to Chicago with some friends over a summer. That ride was roughly 320 miles and he hopes to eventually surpass that record. He was also on the university’s frisbee team for nearly 2 years and competed around the state. Piano is also another interest for Tyler. He creates his own music and has combined his passion for music and computer science by creating a web app (Orchestrio) that allows people to collaborate on sheet music in a live fashion. It is almost complete and it has tons of functionality for music enthusiasts. He will be graduating at the end of the semester and he is finishing school strong. Tyler has and will continue to live a life of excellence.