joe_collumJoseph Collum (398 BΠ) is a senior in civil engineering. Joe is currently in the civil engineering honor society XΣ. He is also helping research watergy which is the study of the relation between water and energy. In his time spent at the house he has served as President, Secretary, and Guide as elected positions, and served as the Alumni Relations and Events Chair and Road Chair. He has also been busy in student organizations. As a part of engineers without borders, he has made three trips to Bolivia, spending a total of 6 weeks there. During his time there he helped the community get clean water. He also went to Guatemala and helped research child growth stunting. He has had a coop with Lion Soap Company. In addition he worked in a salt mine where his boss was alumni, Nathan Steel (AΠ 241). Most recently he interned with army corps engineers working with hydraulic design on the Mississippi River. Due to his internship he was able to get a job to work with them again after is graduation. Long-term Joe wants to specialize in water resources and find a job that suits his love for that subject.