Alumni at S&T St. Pat's Parade
Alumni at the Pats Parade this year Starting from the left, Chris Kelley, Ryan Masters, Brian Booth, and Aaron Hankhammer. At the bottom Britt Braswell
Another Best Ever St. Pat’s has come and gone. A variety of guests made the trip, from students at the university venturing to the strange realm of 2631 Vienna Road, from alumni and their wives, to fellow Delts from the Lindenwood chapter. One thing is for sure though: no matter who joins us, every St. Pat’s is memorable for some reason or another, and this one was no exception. Long days and equally long nights make for an event few want to miss. This year’s theme was “Take Me to the Movies,” but the Epsilon Nu Delts decided to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our initiation with an exclusive 50th anniversary design for our sweatshirts. The time-tested brotherhood being celebrated was apparent with one of the youngest initiated Delts in the Western Plains Division, Korey Dennis (BT 427), and alumni Britt Braswell (AΔ, 180) both present at the shelter. Our St. Pat’s Queen and Knight this year were Courtney Mandeville (ZTA) and senior metallurgy student Alex Brown (Beta Xi). We were very grateful and proud to have them representing our brotherhood in front of all of campus at coronation.