hauntedEvery year Epsilon Nu chapter hosts a Haunted Maze, the house’s biggest philanthropy event of the year, and this year, the 22th annual, was no different. Between the 25 men currently living in the house, more than 1000 hours of service were logged for the promotion, construction, and operation of the maze. This massive amount of time and effort could clearly be seen in the more than 5000 square foot structure, and was greatly appreciated by the community. The number of comments and good words was astounding, and allowed the men who worked so hard on it to be very proud of their work. Construction of the maze was hectic as always, but made especially cramped from our big 50th anniversary homecoming celebration the weekend before. Despite this complication, the maze was completed on time. The maze ran four straight nights, from October 28 through October 31, for four hours each night. It’s hard to say how many people from the community attended the maze, since some patrons were so avid, they chose to not only go through the maze several times in a night, but also came back night after night to enjoy it. From our best estimates, we think at least 600 individuals attended the maze, and with our recommended $3 donation per person, we were able to donate $1800 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We made a few long-term investments this year in the form of required equipment in the hopes that future Haunted Mazes will be easier to build and run smoother. This year’s maze was enormously successful, and with the help of good documentation and planning, I foresee it being viewed as the minimum of what to expect out of all future Haunted Mazes.