After being canceled last year Greek Week has returned. The house is hoping to have strong representation at each event, but more importantly have a great time. This year we have been partnered up with Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) with who we hope to dominate the competition.  We have yet to win a competition but Gunnar and Thaysen, both active sophomores,  brought us a second in cornhole. There are still six more days of Greek week and we are looking forward to seeing what will come next.

Congratulations to our very own God Anthony Modica who was voted into the Godz position of Hephaestus!! The two members making sure he has week he will never forget is our junior Rep Evan Nickels and First year rep Anthony Perez. Another member in for a long week is sophomore Tristan Copeland who has stepped up for the hardest challenge of Greek week, being our Hercules. He plans to conquer the trials that will test his mental and physical strength. Orchestrating the night activities is our social chair Tucker Mclean who has planned many socials with a wide variety of organizations. Organizing all of our day activities is Patrick Cobb has volunteered to be our Greek week organizer.

 We will report about our impending victory this Saturday after closing games.