On February 2nd six actives and three alumni went up to Omaha Nebraska for this year’s Western Plains Division confrence. Our chapter has not been recognized at the division conference since 2013 but last weekend six brothers went and brought back a Court of Honor and a Hugh Shields award! A Court of Honour means we were top 25 in the nation and a Hugh Shields is being the top ten in the nation. They were also notified later that we scored 4th in the nation for the FAAR (Fraternity Awards and Accreditation report). We could not be prouder of all the work that everyone put in to earn this honor. The chapter has not been on the Court of Honour since 2013 and the Hugh Shields award since 2006.

In the coming months, we hope to integrate new systems into the house to improve the functionality of it all. We have started to brainstorm ideas to help raise the house GPA and lower the number of people on the academic plan. We also hope to increase the sense of belonging in the house. One other major change we hope to implement is new systems of recruitment to bring in more quality people into the house.

Our apologies for the delay in upload time, we had some kinks to work out and we hope to increase the number of posts coming out very soon.