The Beta Sigma new member class was hard at work last semester to finish their class project! The project included a sound and light system for the great room and a renovation to the DJ-booth/bar. The funding for the project was provided entirely by alumni and members of the class. A big thank you to all those that supported the project. More specifically, the class set about purchasing two large speakers, two small portable speakers, and constructing their own subwoofer for the sound system, which also has Bluetooth capabilities. The subwoofer was a lot of work and time, but ended up sounding amazing. There was a lot of research done into the sound system, which finally culminated in the system we have today – aided in part by one brother’s accidental ‘over-purchase.’ To control the sound system, a rack was built in the great room’s closet and populated with several amplifiers and equalizers. The majority of the wiring was run through the walls, allowing the project to be put away easily for any functions occurring the space.
Alex Apple takes control of the Great Room’s new audio system
Alex Apple takes control of the Great Room’s
new audio system
For the lighting system, plenty of lighting choices were tried before finally settling on the accent lighting and lasers that we now have. Electricity, along with a master switch, was run in the great room crawlspace in order to better hide the entire system when not on. The lights can respond to sound or can be set to any specific color we choose. The final piece of the project -puzzle was the renovations on the DJ-booth/bar. If you remember back before last semester, the bar had a PBR logo on the front with our letters hidden on the top. In order to better suit the new needs as a DJ-booth, it was seen fit to renovate the existing bar. The first thing the class did was cut a new shelf for a laptop in the top. A power strip and spill-proof top were put in the nook. The inside of the DJ-booth was given a shelf and a retractable extension cord. Finally, the front was painted with a new design of our letters with a border that has lights akin to those used in the rest of the project. The entire thing was capped off with nice set of casters and a new purple trim. -Damon Wendt (Beta Sigma)