Dan showing his St. Pats spirit

Dan “Madman” Maddex (AY 264) came to University of Missouri Rolla in 1998. He joined Delts when the expansion was being built and lived in TJ during that time. He quickly took position in the house becoming DAA during his second and third semester. The following year, he stepped back from house leadership, and joined the St. Pats Board, and up until 2017 was the most recent board rep from the house. While on the board he was in charge of the float and parade during his junior rep year, and following this he served as secretary during his senior rep year. In 2001 he was on the court as Second Master Guard.

After making it through his years on the board, Madman took on the role of guide to finish out his time at the school. Madman has kept up with his brothers despite moving so far away, and he still keeps in contact with his pledge class. He had a lot to say about the Chapter. One of the big highlights was that he put the hole in the wall between the white room and the black room in the old wing. He also asked us to add that Matthew Wolken smells like fish, a fact that the ENus was unable to confirm or deny

Dan and his daughter Poppy

On top of his involvement with the board and the house, he was a member of the Blue Key Honor Fraternity, and joined Theta Tau Omega. As an undergraduate, he majored in Electrical Engineering. While studying at Rolla, he didn’t take on any internships or co-ops, but that didn’t stop his career.  He now works with Northrop Grumman, a large aerospace and defense technology company as a functional manager for electromagnetic environmental effects.

With this job, he’s worked all over the U.S. going from Southern California, Denver Colorado, South Carolina, and Florida. He and his Wife Jessica have three kids: Otto, Howard and Poppy. He currently lives in Miami, but who knows where he’ll be next. As always, we look forward to the next time we see Madman, whenever that may be.

By ENus Staffers