badge387Ryland Forsythe, 387 BΞ, has been an active in the chapter more years than he cares to admit. He is graduating this semester with a degree in Ceramic Engineering. During his time at Epsilon Nu, Ryland has served as Social Chairman and Guide. In addition, Ryland has been active on the Missouri S&T Campus. For most of his time at S&T, he has been a disc­jockey for the college radio station, KMNR 89.7 FM under the name T­Moses. He has also done research this year on catalytic ink that splits water into individual molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, he has done research this past year on glass that can serve as a storage medium for radioactive waste. Brother Forsythe plans to continue his education immediately after graduating from S&T at UC Riverside to obtain his doctorate in Chemistry. When asked what his future aspirations were, Ryland answered that he would like to eventually build a space elevator.