Meet Evan Nickels, badge #468 from the Gamma Alpha Pledge Class (Fall ‘19). Evan’s a Civil Engineering major from Dixon, MO. 

Why’d you pick your major?

Evan’s attraction to Civil engineering started at a young age, “My father, as a truck driver and heavy equipment operator, brought me along to work sometimes, allowing me to see multiple aspects of construction work, an important area in civil engineering.” Another reason Evan chose Civil was his interest in design programs, one of his favorites being AutoCAD.

Why did you join the house?

“I joined Delta Tau Delta because I valued friendship and brotherhood, and felt like a fraternity was the way to go to continue those values. Here, I found even more, including attaining leadership skills, social skills, and giving back to the community through service events.”

Favorite Thing About the House

“My favorite aspect of our house is the brotherhood. I truly see each one of the members of our house, whether older or newer members, as brother and best friend.”

House Positions

Evan is only a junior but has already made an incredible impact on the house. He has served as our House and Grounds Chair as well as Intramural Chair. Evan is currently the Director of Member Development, or VP-Internal, and with elections coming soon, plans to run for President. 

Positions in other Organizations

Not only is Evan active in our chapter but he’s also active on our campus as well as our chapter’s Interfraternity Council (IFC) Senior Representative. In IFC Evan held the positions of Social Chair as well as Scholarship Chair. With IFC elections being held recently Evan opted not to run for any executive positions so he could focus on our chapter but still plans to be just as active.

Fun Fact: “When I played baseball in high school, for two consecutive years, our team was invited to play on the Springfield Cardinals field for one of our games that season, which is one of my all-time favorite memories.”